Featured Works By Local Artisans

Recent acquisitions include a large selection of books on local history, colorful Millefiori by Karen Bischof and beautifully crafted jewelry by Yanina Siana.

Since opening in 2008, the Shawnee Gallery has been featuring exhibits and works from all media of fine art including paintings, photography, literature, jewelry, sculptures, and ink printing, with a focus on reaching out to local artisans of all trades.  Below are a sampling of some of the artists who have been on display and/or have given a local demonstration hosted by the Shawnee Gallery.

(Artists listed in alphabetical order)
    • Rick Faas
      Local Landscape Photographer. View website
    • Bill Hobbs
      Among Snowy Hemlocks, oil painting by local artist Bill HobbsLocal Landscape Oils on Canvas – Bill Hobbs envisions his art as a continuation and extension of the 19th century American Seascape and Landscape traditions known of as the Hudson River School.  Molded by inspiration from such classic painters as Frederick Church and John Frederick Kensett, Hobbs seeks to move the viewer by the intense power of the natural world.  Like the Hudson River School artists, Hobbs has grown skillful at depicting distance with the subtle moods created by atmosphere and lighting.
  • Frank Joest
    Frank Joest’s formal art training began at Music and Art High School in New York and The Academy of Creative Arts, Karlsruhe, Germany. He received his Pedagogic Degree from the University of Creative Arts, Berlin, Germany. Joest taught art in Berlin, Washington, D.C., Miami and the Poconos. He owned and operated an art gallery in Rockville, MD. He exhibited his art throughout Europe and the US and had one-man exhibits in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Florida and several cities in Germany. He received a fellowship to paint in Venice, Italy and created an 18 foot metal sculpture to honor Professor Whitenight. The sculpture stands outside the Koehler Fieldhouse at ESU. Joest spent his life working in painting, graphics, sculpture and pottery. He has been papercutting since 1987 and is a juried member in Papercutting of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. Joest can be reached at omarjet@ptd.net.
  • Linda Schwartz
    Ceramics – Graduating in printmaking from Tyler School of Art, Linda spent the last 10 years immersed in clay. She finds she uses many printmakers techniques in her approach to ceramics. Pressing into the clay she creates embossed images using type, handmade stamps and found objects. The use of engobes on the textured surfaces borrows from printmaking, and she sometimes work in a series, much like a suite of prints.
  • Original Jewelry Design by Yanina SianaYanina Siana
    Originally from Kiev, Yanina creates limited edition and one-of-a-kind jewelry from seeded pearls and semi-precious stones in a variety of styles from understated elegance to, well, elegant. Many of the pearls are seeded from specific shapes like diamonds or ovals where the individual pearls are similar but unique with an eye to combining colors, shapes and textures to create truly stunning jewelry. Yanina also hand-knits woolen clothing accessories like hand-warmers, socks and hats.
  • Kathleen Sweeney
    Leather goods.
  • Cullen Yates
    Oil Landscape Artist – Cullen Yates achieved national prominence as a landscape painter during his lifetime. A native of Bryan, OH, Yates studied in New York and Paris, moving to Shawnee in 1908. His 1908 painting “March Day, Shawnee” was exhibited at the National Academy show and sold for $800, a grand sum at that time. The Shawnee Gallery features seven original Cullen Yates oil paintings on display, and another hangs at the Historic Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort on the landing of the inside main staircase.